When I found out, a little over 4 years that I was diagnosed with microvascular disease, for smoking 20 plus years, I had to make a change, so I went into the closest Vape Shop to get info on what vaping can do for me. I walked out with a Smok Alien Kit with a Bottle of Kilo White Cinnamon Roll. I have not smoked a cigarette since April 2016. So it got me thinking, what if I can help someone else quit smoking. So it happened Aug. 15, 2018, I opened my own Vape Shop here in Williamston NC. First it was Vape It Up Vape Shop, and now 2 years later we are now ENC VAPE Health and Wellness.

Ben Robersn


Behind McDonalds, in the Belk and Tractor Supply shopping center, off Hwy 17 North.


819 East Blvd Suite C-11, Williamston, NC 27892

Business Hours